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IQ Smart Cart™

Have you been considering building a new Accessible Web Site or adding accessible e-Commerce to your existing Web Site, but don't know where to begin?

You may want a searchable fully accessible on-line catalog for your products, complete with images, pricing and product descriptions.

Or, you are considering a secure ordering system for your existing corporate Web Site, which enables your clients to place on-line orders for your products or services.

Whatever your e-commerce needs, our universally accessible IQ Smart Cart™ was designed for you.

We understand the need to offer a fully accessible shopping cart that is simple to operate, install and can work on any platform. This is why we developed IQ Smart Cart™.

Our exclusive fully accessible shopping cart has the following built-in features:

  • Stand-alone kit that can be hosted by your existing service provider.

  • If you wish… We can install the software on our servers and we will host the application for you.

  • Transaction Log - This is a data mining process that generates sales reports on, who bought what, when, how, etc. Very valuable information.

  • Customizable to the design of your Web Site. Font colors, graphics, etc. can be fully integrated into your existing Web Site.

  • XML Capable - XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. This feature enables the integration with your backend systems and it works in multi-languages on multi-platforms. In simple terms… Unlike many shopping carts, this one is pretty smart.

Go to on-line live Demo
Note: this link takes you to the IQNetcom site.

If you are interested in adding fully accessible e-Commerce capabilities to your Web Site, Contact us at



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